Bhutan Carbide & Chemicals Limited was conceived as a joint Venture between the Royal Government of Bhutan and Tashi Commercial Corporation, keeping in mind the abundant availability of hydel power, indigenous raw material and a ready market for its products.

The project cost was Nu. 300 million. A part of the same was founded by the World Bank and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED). The project was completed within envisaged cost and time frame and went into commercial production in mid 1988.

In 1990-91, the Royal Government of Bhutan dis-invested its share and at present Tashi Group holds 51% equity and the balance is held by public and financial institutions like Bank of Bhutan, Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan, Bhutan National bank etc.

The company has consistently performed well in terms of production, sales, profitability and dividends, as well as repayment of international loans. Capacity utilization has been consistently over 110%. The shareholders confidence in the company is reflected in its share price quoted in the Royal Securities Exchange @NU. 5000/- per share, the face value being nu. 100/- per share. BCCL seeks to reward the shareholders through dividend and capital appreciation. The success of BCCL through a decade has been unique, the promise is even grater. We are a young company, vibrant, hopeful, full of energy and booking forward eagerly to the challenges af tomorrow. A even bright future awaits BCCL in this millennium.

The company has taken up its expension/diversification plans with the relevant Government authorities for necessary clearance. Royal Government’s approval is still awaited. BCCL believes that good profitability comes from setting quality standards and establishing competitive position. Capital and operating cost competitiveness, capital efficiency and good quality are the key operational themes for the company. BCCL therefore, believes that it is geared to perform well, even during periods of down-turn in the chemical industry business cycle. BCCL’s proposed expension plans are in line with Royal Government’s objectives of encouraging growth, prosperity and industrialization in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. The company runs a school at Pasakha, which caters to 1100 children and is poised for increased activities in a phased manner. The company also runs a dispensary at Pasakha and dispensary general medicines to take care of basic health requirements.

Chairman: Dasho Topgyal Dorji
Managing Director: Dasho Wangchuk Dorji
Chief Executive: K.Koti.Reddy

Calcium Carbide

The main raw materials used to manufacture Calcium Carbide are Limestone and Carbonaceous materials, as reluctant, such as Charcoal, Petroleum Coke, Low Ash metallurgical Cock and Coal. Limestone is claimed to Lime in a double inclined Lime Kiln and transferred to Furnace Day Bins. Manufacture of Calcium Carbide takes place in a three phase submerged electric arc furnace imported from Norway. There are three movable Soderberg electrodes to carry power to the Furnace. These are fixed at the vertices of a triangle. Raw materials are fed to the Furnace through a material handling system. Inside the Furnace smelting of raw materials take place at a temperature of 2000’ Centigrade and Calcium Carbide is formed in a molten state. This molten Carbide is tapped out intermittently and collected in cash iron pans. After cooling, it is crushed and packed in airtight steel drums. Calcium Carbide is used in the manufacture of Acetylene Gas for welding metals, De-sulphurizing Compound Acetylene Black, P.V. Chloride, Calcium Cynamide, Tri-Chlora-ethylene & Polyvinyl Acetate.

Contact Details:

Head Office :
Post Box : 103, Phuentsholing, Bhutan.
Phone No. : +975-5-252246,252420 (PABX)
Fax          : +975-5-252112
Email        : bccl@druknet.bt

Pasakha, Bhutan
Phone No. : +975-5-261100/261122 (PABX)
Fax          : +975-5-261120

Important Phone Numbers of BCCL:

Head Office: Phuentsholing
PABX +975-5-252246/252417/252415
Fax +975-5-252112
Chief Executive +975-77191005
Gen. Manager (Finance) +975-77191013
Gen. Manager (Mines) +975-77191009
Dy.Gen.Manager Commercial +975-77191010
Sr. Manager Marketing +975-77191007
Manager EDP( IT ) +975-77191008
Guest House +975-77191026
Plant: Paskakha
PABX +975-5-261100/261122
Fax +975-5-261120
Chief Executive +975-77191001
Sr. Manager Pers. & Adm +975-77191000
Sr. Medical Officer +975-77191003
Manager Environment +975-77191002