Tashi Beverage Ltd

PROFILE OF TASHI BEVERAGES LIMITED, an associate of Coca Cola Company.

Tashi Beverages Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2000, and the company was established on October 24,2007. The plant was built on 9 acres of land located at Pasakha, 14 km drive from Phuentsholing town, the main commercial hub of the country.

The company is in the business of manufacture of carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices under the brand name Coca Cola with the purpose to fresh the market with sparkling beverages.

Tashi Beverages Limited has been appointed as the only authorized botter of Coca Cola Company for Bhutan market signed under the Bottlers Agreement with Coca Cola Inc.Atlanta, Georgia 30313, USA in December 2007.   In 2008, a hot fill line with the capacity to produce 40 BPM to produce fruit juices of Minute Maid brand of Mango, Orange and Apple flavors in PET was added to the existing capacity.  In order to maintain the highest standard of product quality, it is mandatory that purchases of raw materials are done from the suppliers/vendors approved by the Coca Cola Company. Suppliers are required to go through lots of quality tests to be on the Coca Cola Company’s approved list.

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