Selected Candidates List

In pursuant to the selection interview held on 03th October, 2022, Hotel Druk Phuentsholing for the various post at TCC Consumer Division, Petroleum Division and TCC Shopping Complex the following are the selected candidates list.

Assistant Manager Marketing , TCC Central Store

1Tashi Pem72.52Selected 
2Thinley Lhamo72.47Selected 
3Tashi Phuntsho63.63Standby

Assistant Manager , TCC Shopping complex

1Deo Bdr Subba74.42Selected
2Sangay Wangmo67.25Selected
3Tshering Pengor64.90Standby

Assistant Account Officer , TCC Shopping complex

1Yeshey Choden65.87Selected 
2Kinley Dema56.79Standby

Computer Operator, Central Store, Wangdue

1Tendel Chozom65.88Selected

Salesman/Salesgirl & Bill Collector for TCC Central Store

1Nidup Dorji75.15Selected
2Yogesh Gurung74.33Selected
3Tshering Wangchuk71.57Selected
4Singay Wangchuk71.22Selected
5Lachi Maya Dhamai67.29Selected

Store keeper, TCC Shopping Complex

1Phurba Tshering74.98Selected

Assistant Account Officer , TCC Petroleum Division

1Premika Rai71.06Selected
2Tashi Deki70.87Selected
3Mon Bdr Thakuri70.73Selected
4Radhika Ghalley64.14Standby

Safety Officer, Petroleum Division

Sl No.NamePercentageRemark
1Thinley Norbu68.18Selected

Assistant Procurement Incharge, Petroleum Division

Sl No.NamePercentageRemark
1Kinley Tshering Norbu70.14Selected
2Amrita Giri64.82Standby

Selected candidates are requested to report to concerned unit head on 17th Oct 2022 at 9:00 a.m sharp.

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