Job Profile & Responsibilities-Store & Record Keeper


 1. Brief Job Profile.

Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment. Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.) No. of Slots Work Station Min. Qualification & Min. Years of Work Experience.

Stores & Record Assistant.


 Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance& other factors.


Plus HRA, Medical Allowance, PF & other perks as per Service Rule

 One (01)

Tintali Quartzite Mines, Sangangagchoeling Geog, Samste Dzongkhag.

 1)      Class XII Pass with 3 years’ experience in Stores and Record Management.2)      Possess sound knowledge in basic computer operations (word, excel, PPT & etc.).

 2. Job Responsibilities of the Stores& Record Assistant are as follows:


  • Receipt of Store Items& Verification.
    • Receive, inspect, verify incoming store items against the challan/cash memo/bill/purchase order/delivery note as the case may be;
    • The items so received should be stored properly to avoid from being damaged due to faulty storage, exposure to natural conditions (rain, dampness & etc.) in the designated places for easy identification;
    • On receipt of the items, attest signature and date on the challan/cash memo/bill accompanying the store items to confirm the receipt of the item/s in good condition and submit the same to the Supervisor for his endorsement and send the same to Head Office for booking and other needful purposes;
    • The copy of the challan accompanying the items should be filed properly for record and reference.
  • Issue Stores Items& Filing.
    • Issue store items only on receipt of requisition/indent form signed by the Requisitionist and same approved by the Supervisor;
    • On issue of the store item/s, enter the same in the asset register and file the duly completed requisition/indent formsuitably;
    • Maintain proper filing system of all the correspondences (incoming, outgoing), forms and etc. related to storesfor easy reference and record.
  • Maintenance of Stock Register& Physical Verification.
    • On receipt and issue of the items, same should be entered in the stock register appropriately;
  • Undertake physical verification of the items namely, HSD, lubricants, machine spares and other consumable items, with that of the stock register, at least on a quarterly basis. The physical verification report should be signed and same submitted to the Supervisor and then sent to head office in hard copy latest by second week of the month following the quarter.
  • Stores Management & Store Safety.
    • Keep the stores items at their designated place in a proper manner, i.e., inside the box, on the shelf and etc., so that the items are safe from pilferage, damages and other unwanted elements;
    • Monitor stock levels and place reorder supplies as needed to head office to maintain optimal inventory levels;
    • Conduct regular stock counts and reconcile discrepancies between physical stock and stock register/system records, if the discrepancies are insignificant and of lesser value. However, the matter should be reported to the Supervisor in case of any discrepancies that are of significant value and quantity;
    • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and norms of the store/warehouse procedures, i.e., keeping the stores clean, tidy (free from dust, spillage of oils, lubricants, fire hazards) organized and free from hazards and any toxic materials and items;
    • Carry out any stores and record related works not mentioned above or as and when assigned by the Supervisor.
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