Job Profile & Responsibilities-Site Manager (Mines)

  1. Brief Job Profile.
    Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment.Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.)No. of Slots.Work Station.Min. Qualification&Min. Years of Work Experience.
      Site Manager (Mines).   M7.   Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance& other factors.    39,185.00  

    Plus HRA, Medical Allowance, PF &other perks as per Service Rule.
      Two (02)  Packchina Quartzite Mines, Geling Geog, Chukha Dzongkhag.   Tintali Quartzite Mines, Sangangagchoeling Geog, Samste Dzongkhag. Bachelors in Mining (Engineer) with 5 years’ experience orDiploma in Mining from recognized College/Institution with 8 years’ experience orClass XII Pass with Certificate in Mines Supervisor conducted by DGM/recognized College/Institution with 10 years’ experience.

    2. Job Responsibilities:The Job Responsibilities of the Site Manager, Mines are as follows:

      1. Formulation of Work Plans, Targets& Monitoring.
        • Set annual plans related to material (quartzite)production targets, machine and manpower (Human Resources) and etc., based on the previous years’ actuals, purchase targets from the customers for the year under consideration and conditions at mines site and submit the same to Head office for review finalization;
        • Monitor the plans and targets against the actuals and do the needful wherever there are shortfalls and variances.
      2. Final Mines Feasibility Study Report (FMFS Report) & Environment Management Plan (EMP).
        • Study mines FMFS Report & EMPand carry out the plans accordingly;
        • Initiate any needful activities to be in line with the FMFS Report and EMP and any other plans to bring in efficiency and productivity at mine site;
        • Recommend for amendment of FMFS Report & EMP, wherever felt necessary due to unavoidable circumstances at the mines site with justifications.
      3. Human Resource Management.
        • Assign suitable works to the staff, monitor their work performance, work output on a daily basis;
        • Monitor work knowledge, conduct and performance of the staff and intimate to them of any shortcomings and lapses, if any, to enhance employees’ productivity;
        • Manage staff, workers, contractors, transporters effectively by maintaining cordial relationship and through effective communications;
        • Devise instruments to motivate the staff and workers to achieve the performance targets and propose the same to the management.
      4. Material Production & Dispatch
        • Review annual quartzite production targets, develop monthly raising plans and strategies and work towards achieving the targets;
        • Monitor material production and dispatch quantities and work accordingly to eliminate major shortfalls/variances from the material production/dispatch targets;
        • Ensure that all the needful documents as per the prevailing rules accompanies the materials dispatched from the mines site;
        • Maintain records of material raised/produced and dispatched on a daily basis.
      5. Occupational Health, Safety (OHS) & Environmental Aspects
        • Ensure Zero Accident at work place;
        • Shall be the focal person for OHS & Environment;
        • Develop OHS and environment related plans, strategies and implement accordingly;
        • Ensure that all OHS related rules and regulations are abided at mines site;
        • Ensure that the mines is operated in compliance with the relevant provisions of the environmentrelated rules and regulations.
      6. Machine and Equipment Management
        • Assign machines, equipment to designated operator/driver and monitor their performance, usage and operations to achieve the desired productivity;
        • Ensure that all the machines, vehicles and other equipment are in good working conditions through initiation of timely maintenance and repairs works;
        • Ensure that any maintenance works carried out and hour/mileage of the machines and equipment are noted in their respective log books for ready reference;
        • Ensure that the documents related to machines and vehicles are up to date by coordinating with head office.
      7. Performance Management
        • Study mines’ quarterly overall performance report, review and amend the work plans (production, manpower and etc.) in case of under-performance and implement the amended plans and strategies accordingly to improve the overall performance of the mines;
        • Review machine and vehicle wise performance, maintenance cost and initiate the needful to in coordination with head office improve the machine and vehicle performance;
        • Monitor the performance and conduct of the staff and recommend either for incentives or penalties as deemed fit to the head office.
      8. Administration.
        • Ensure that the works at mines site commences on time by ensuring that all the staff reports to work site on time, unless excused with prior approval of the Site Manager, Mines;
        • Ensure that attendance register of the staff are maintained on daily basis and send theattendance details (in a separate sheet) to head office on monthly;
        • Maintain staff leave and other administrative matters as per the prevailing rules and norms of the company.
      9. Stores Management.
        • Maintain and update stock register for all the store items, viz., explosive items, HSD, lubricants, spares, stationeries and etc. received and issued at mines site;
        • Ensure to store the items securely and in a systematic manner to safeguard from damages, risk of pilferage and for easy tracking and identification purposes;
        • Adopt sound inventory management system to avoid over or under stocking of inventories through analysis of inventory consumption pattern against the material production quantities, lead time and etc.;
        • Issue store items based on requisition/indent received from the user/operator/driverand updatethe stock registeraccordingly;
        • Undertake physical verification of the store items with that of stock register on a quarterly basis and send the report to the head office accordingly.
      10. Other Tasks.
        • Carry out any other tasks related to mines under his/her jurisdiction.

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