Job Profile & Responsibilities-Plumber & Water pump Operator

  1. Brief Job Profile.
Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment.Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.)No. of SlotsWork StationMin. Qualification & Min. Years of Work Experience.
  Plumber cum Water Pump Operator.   O1   Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance and other factors.  13,300.00   Plus HRA, Medical Allowance, PF & other perks as per Service Rule  One (01)  Packchina Quartzite Mines, Geling Geog, Chukha Dzongkhag.    VTI Graduate with 3 years’ experience OR 5 years hands-on experience.

2.Job Responsibilities of the Stores & Record Assistant are as follows:

  • Operate water pump as and when required to ensure continuous supply of water at office and work sites;
  • Carry out routine inspection and maintenance of equipment, pumps, motors, and associated mechanical and electrical systems to ensure safety of the pumps, motors and electrical items and reliable and consistent supply of water to the work site and office;
  • Inspect water supply pipes from the tank to the office and work sites occasionallyand carry out any maintenance works, wherever found necessary in a timely manner. Look for any leakages and carry out the needful to avoid wastage of water;
  • Communicate with the supervisors on the need for maintenance works with suitable recommendations and carry out the needful tasks effectively;
  • Maintain accurate records of equipment maintenance, repair activities and replacement of items to assess the workmanship and product/item quality;
  • Carry out any other works assigned by the Supervisor.

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