Job Profile & Responsibilities-Excavator Operator

  1. Brief Job Profile.
Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment.Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.)No. of SlotsWork StationMin. Qualification & Min. Years of Work Experience.
  Hydraulic Excavator Operator.   O1   Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance& other factors.  14,630.00   Plus HRA, Medical Allowance, PF & other perks as per Service Rule.  Three (03)  Packchina Quartzite Mines, Geling Geog, Chukha Dzongkhag.  Class VI Pass with 5 years’ experience with valid license OR VTI Graduate with 3 years’ experience with valid license.

2. Job Responsibilities of the Excavator Operator are as follows:

  • Maintain safe work site and distance to avoid from accidents of any nature;
  • Operate the excavator diligently following operational instructions and manuals to ensure safety of machine, operator and the workers at site;
  • Operate the excavator suitably based on the work purposes, such as stripping, excavating,loading, rock breaking operations;
  • Estimate the rock size when breaking rocks and consider the site conditions to avoid risk to excavator, operator and workers at site, but not to compromise the machine efficiency;
  • Monitor the levels of fuel, hydraulics oils, coolants and others and top up or refill as necessary or as per the excavator operational manuals and instructions;
  • Monitor the conditions of chisel, bucket, teeth and etc. and do the needful to maintain the machine efficiency;
  • Change/top up oils and lubricants, air filters,parts and others as per the operational manual and instructions;
  • Inspect hose pipers regularly and initiate timely replacements to prevent leaks and maintain hydraulic efficiency;
  • Ensure that various oils and lubricants are applied to ensure smooth operation of the machine and prevent wear and tear on moving parts due to lack of lubricants;
  • Update excavator log book for any maintenance works carried out, refilling oils, application of lubricants, change of spare parts and others works. Note the date and machine hours accordingly;
  • Maintain excavator clean and in working conditions by undertaking at least monthly water servicing and initiating timely maintenance works;
  • Undertake any other works assigned by the Site Manager or Supervisor at Mines site.

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