Job Profile & Responsibilities-Driller

  1. Brief Job Profile.
Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment.Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.)No. of SlotsWork StationMin. Qualification & Min. Years of Work Experience.
  Rock Driller   O2 or GSP depending on qualification.   Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance& other factors.  12,495.00   Plus Medical Allowance, PF & other perks as per Service Rule.  Three (03)  Packchina Quartzite Mines, Geling Geog, Chukha Dzongkhag.      Class VI Pass with 3years’ experience OR VTI Graduate with 1 year experience.  

2. Job Responsibilities: The Job Responsibilities of the Rock Driller are as follows:

  • Inspect drilling site to ensure safety and effective and productive material raising;
  • Monitor compliance with the parameters of drilling mud, operation of the mud cleaning system during drilling, distance between the holes to be drilled and other drilling parameters;
  • Check the operation of drilling machine, safety devices and the condition of blowout equipment to avert any accidents;
  • Eliminate complications and accidents during drilling works by inspecting the drilling machine and drilling sites for possible accidents;
  • Prepare drilling equipment for safe transportation between the locations at sites as and when needed;
  • Carry out regular maintenance of drilling machine and its component to prevent breakdown and ensure efficient functioning of the rig;
  • Maintain the documentation of the drilling mode and parameters of the drilling fluid;
  • In coordination with the stores section, ensure to maintain the drilling items and spares, namely drill rod and others at site to prevent disruptions in the drilling works due to lack of spares;
  • Study the drilling works carefully and carry out efficient drilling techniques to avoid time waste and resources;
  • Carry out any other drilling related works as assigned by the Supervisor.
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