Job Profile & Responsibilities-Associate Manager, Adm., HR & Procurement.

  1. Brief Job Profile.
Position, Position Level & Nature of Employment.Monthly Basic Pay & Allowances (Nu.)No. of SlotsWork StationMin. Qualification& Min. Years of Work Experience.
  Associate Manager, Adm., HR & Procurement.   M7   Contract for 5 years and renewal based on performance& other factors.  22,705.00   Medical Allowance, PF &other perks as per Service Rule.  One (01)  TTLPL, Head Office, Phuentsholing.    Bachelors in Arts/Commerce/ Business Adm./B.Sc.;   3 years’ experience with government, corporate, private agencies, preferably in administration, HR & procurement;   Possess sound knowledge in basic computer operations (word, excel, PPT & etc.).

2. Job Responsibilities: The Job Responsibilities of the Associate Manager (Adm. HR & Procurement) are as follows:

  • Administration Works
    • Carry out all administrative works geared towards creating a safe and conducive working environment, i.e., safety, security and cleanliness of the office premises and etc.;
    • Oversee the daily staff attendance matters, leave, travel and etc. and collate such records of the mine sites on a monthly basis for payment of salary and record purposes;
    • Oversee the renewal of license, machine and vehicle documents and etc. that requires periodical renewals in coordination with the mines’ offices;
    • Coordinate meetings, distribute meeting agendas/memos, maintain minutes and reports as required;
    • Receive and direct correspondences, mails received, to the intended officials accordingly;
    • Maintain backup of all official correspondences on a daily basis (in a memory stick) and same be kept at different locations for security purpose;
    • Ensure an efficient filing and record system are developed and maintained and ensure the confidentiality and security of the confidential files;
    • Ensure thepayment of monthly utility bills, rents and fees of landand other expenses to avert late fines and penalties;
    • Liaise with the relevant external agencies, whenever required entailing company related works;
    • Carry out any other administrative works, as and when needed.
  • Human Resources (HR)& Employee Performance Assessment.
    • Assist the company in HR planning considering the company’s vision and plans and in the execution of the plans in terms of recruitment, appointment and placement of the approved manpower and etc.;
    • Assist the individual employees and work sites in formulating their annual performance targets based on their Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
    • Review the individual employees’ and work sites’ performance in collaboration with the accounts section (collate performance data), at least on a quarterly basis and update the management accordingly with recommendations, wherever viewed necessary;
    • Coordinate with the Corporate or Performance Management Team, in respect to employee/work sites’ performances, recruitment and placement aspects;
    • Update employee records/personal files as required related to leave, increment, travels, and etc.;
    • Carry out any other HR related works.
  • Budgeting.
    • Assist the management in the preparation of annual budgets related to manpower, assets, store items, maintenance and etc.;
    • In coordination with the Accounts Section and the work sites, monitor budget and the actuals and report to the Supervisor in case of variances;
    • Carry out any works related to budgeting.
  • Procurements.
    • Plan procurements of approved assets- movable mining equipment, PPEs, livery, stationery, spares and other items and other ad-hoc items and implement through standard procurement norms/competitive rates and with prior approval from the Supervisor;
    • All procurement should be done through proper supply order and payment released only on receipt of the items as ordered in terms of quantity and quality;
    • Oversee to issue/dispatch the procured items accompanied by proper challan to the intended work sites/user and ensure that the items are received at the intended offices on a timely basis;
    • The procurement of the items should be within the budget, unless needed due to exigency of the situation;
    • The procurement of the items should be within the budget, unless needed due to exigency of the situation;
  • Asset & Inventory Management.
    • Oversee the maintenance ofasset registers for both the fixed and consumable assets separately and update the same as and when there are purchases and issues;
    • Monitor implementation of inventory management system in the head office and at the mines offices so that works are not hampered due to want of store and other and other items;
    • Tag asset code on all the non-consumable/fixed assets and note the same in the asset register for easy identification and tracking purposes;
    • co-ordination with the Accounts Section, ascertain the fixed assets’ depreciation on a quarterly basis and assist in updating in the financial accounts (tally data).
  • Verification of Bills/Challans& Journal Vouchers (JVs).
    • Endorse bills/challans, cash memos received from the suppliers, contractors, transporters, creditors and others as verified and submit for approval to the Supervisor;
    • Verify mining related bills, claims, imprest funds of head office and mines, statements before submittingfor payment/replenishment purpose;
    • Verify payment Journal Vouchers (JVs)related to salaries, purchases, utility bill payments and etc.
  • Documentation & Filing
    • Update and maintain employee personal files securely;
    • Oversee the maintenance of efficient filing system related to official correspondences,  procurements, budgetsand other relevant documents for easy reference and ensure that these are maintained securely;
    • Manage and file relevant documents/mails received electronically (e-mail/WhatsApp, etc.), act as required maintained for ready reference in hard copy.
  • Other Administrative Works.
    • Coordinate with other units and entities, wherever necessary to ensure compliance with the company’s established policies and rules;
    • Carry out any other works related to Administration; HR & Procurement not stated above
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